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Documentation on today's theory teaser.
A difficult one!
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30th Aug 2018

Top Tip Tuesday courtesy of DriverActive
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tips for learner drivers

Driving Lessons: Tips for learner drivers

For 100's more tips and lots of valuable advice about learning to drive subscribe to the DriverActive Learn Online Programme to speed your progress towards passing the driving test....


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28th Aug 2018

Traffic signs and Theory Thursday!
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Tag: Theory Thursday

23rd Aug 2018

Top Tip Tuesday and Vehicle Checks
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check your vehicle is safe

Check your vehicle is safe to drive | GOV.UK

You must make sure that your car, motorcycle or other vehicle is safe to drive...


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21st Aug 2018

Another Massive well done to Mason, who made the most of rain-sensing wipers by completing his Pass Plus course today.
Definitely got the "All Weather" module in!
Thanks for the card and bottle too, pride of place in the office!

Want to find out more about Pass Plus?
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thank-you gift from mason who completed his pass-plus course with mike's driving lessons

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14th Aug 2018

Top Tip Tuesday and Aquaplaning:
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aquaplaning motorist narrowly avoids crash on sodden canadian highway

Aquaplaning Motorist Narrowly Avoids Crash on Sodden Canadian Highway | DRIVING.CO.UK

A COUPLE of Canadian motorists narrowly avoided a scary head-on crash, after a car aquaplaned at nearly 70mph on a soaking wet stretch of highway in Newfoundland.


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14th Aug 2018

Route planning for today's Theory Thursday
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9th Aug 2018

And here we see the very happy Mason with a cracking reverse park!
Oh yeah and he's joined the first time pass club too :)

Sterling effort!
See you soon for pass plus.

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mason from royton passes his driving test first time with mike's driving lessons at rochdale driving test centre

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7th July 2018

Top Tip Tuesday and eyesight, how much of a difference can it make?
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UK drivers are being urged to test their eyesight

Drivers must reach minimum standards, including be able to read...

DVLA asks UK drivers to retake eye test | EXPRESS.CO.UK


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7th Aug 2018

Theory Thursday and Hills!
Answers on a postcard :)
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2nd Aug 2018



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