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Mikes Driving Lessons - Motorway Driving

motorway driving

Driving on the motorway can certainly be a daunting experience for the driver who has just passed their test, especially considering that motorway training does not form part of the learner driver syllabus. Although a lot of information regarding motorway use can be found in the highway code and during study for the theory test, there is no substitute for real experience behind the wheel on these types of roads.

Motorways are statistically the safest roads in Britain, according to data from GOV.UK sources, and this is due to the fact that traffic is all travelling in the same direction, with less difference in speed of vehicles compared with other roads. However, around junctions where traffic may join or leave the motorway, this difference in speed can cause severe crashes, which can potentially be life changing.

By taking post-test motorway training, you will be actively improving skills you have already gained during the L-test process. Mastering skills such as safe overtaking, maximising fuel economy, efficient use of acceleration and deceleration lanes, breakdown procedures, lane discipline, roadworks and "Smart" motorways means you will minimise the risk of being involved in an incident, as well as knowing exactly what to do if an unexpected situation occurs.

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