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Today starts Part 1 of our "Show me, Tell me" videos designed to help you understand not just how to make sure your car is maintained, but safe and legal on the open road.

Today we're looking at tyres!

Feel free to share and send to friends and family to spread the knowledge, we're all sharing the same roads after all!

2nd May 2017


Part 2 of our Show me Tell me series looks at the under bonnet checks, and how to ensure your engine keeps running smoothly.

Make sure to check these things often to guarantee yourself trouble-free adventures on the road!

As with yesterday's video, feel free to share with friends, family, or anyone worrying about these questions on the Driving test!

3rd May 2017

Part 3 of our Show me Tell me series looks at the interior, and all the ancillary controls such as wipers and lights.

Remember, once you've passed it will be your responsibility to use them, so learn now and save yourself and worries!

Feel free to share, these ones are golden for the Driving test!

4th May 2017


The final video of our Show me Tell me series looks at any miscellaneous questions that the examiner may ask you.

Most of these are simply "tell me" questions requiring requiring a verbal answer to the examiner, so they will be the same regardless of what car you will be taking the test in.

Get sharing and remember to watch all 4 parts to get the most out of these videos!

Safe driving

5th May 2017


This is a quick cartoon showing Harry's story of learning to drive and getting his independence.
Want to get on the road too?
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31st October 2015


DVSA Videos

'Show me, tell me': tell me questions, December 2017: official DVSA guide


'Show me, tell me': show me questions, December 2017: official guide


Motorway Driving

Uploaded by request, this is a complete anticlockwise lap of the M60 motorway around Manchester in real-time, filmed on a sunny Sunday afternoon in November 2011. The video begins and ends on the south side of Manchester near Cheadle.

Credit: RichardB1983 Published on Sep 29, 2012


Take a trip around Manchester's M60 orbital motorway. The video has been sped up 3 times, so it allows you to imagine what it would be like driving at speeds of up to 210mph. The M60 was created in 2000 when construction of the last stretch of the M66 was completed. The M63 and parts of the M62 and M66 were renumbered, forming a complete ring road. Today, the M60 is one of the busiest roads in the North-West of England, however, the video was shot on a sunny Sunday afternoon, so it much quieter!

"Trance Taboo"
"Oriental Trance"

Credit: RichardB1983 Uploaded on Nov 9, 2011