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Legalities in today's Theory Thursday.
Know the law or find out the hard way!
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15th Nov 2018

Top Tip Tuesday....
Remember "Space Invaders"?…/Space-invader-Highways-England-l…
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space invaders - tailgating

"Space invader? Highways England launches ‘tailgating’ campaign"

Recent figures demonstrate one in eight of all road casualties are caused by...


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13th Nov 2018

More highway code in today's Theory Thursday.
Bonus points for knowing where one is near our area!
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8th Nov 2018

Top Tip Tuesday, and what to do if somebody steals your number-plate!…
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Cloned numberplates

"Cloned number plates "ready in minutes""

Registered DVLA retailers are illegally selling unclecked number plates...


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6th Nov 2018

How would a driving licence change your life?
Check out Harry's Story of gaining his Independence here:

View Harry's Story

Harry's Story - Mikes Driving Lessons

This is a quick cartoon showing Harry's story of learning to drive and getting his independence. Want to get on the road too? Simply contact us on any of ...


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31st Oct 2015

Eyesight! What's the Legal distance though?
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1st Nov 2018

More Top Tips today, what's your views on Cyclists?…/Cyclists-could-face-same-punishm…
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Cyclists could face same punishments as drivers

"Cyclists could face the same punishments as drivers"

One of Britain’s top motoring lawyers is demanding new penalties for cyclists, as well as a controversial scheme...


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30th Oct 2018

Tricky signs for today's Theory Thursday!
Correct answers win a mars bar
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26th Oct 2018

Struggling with the Theory test?
Perhaps you are unsure when exactly to click on the Hazard Perception phase?
Get all your questions answered in our FREE e-book "Everything you need to know for the Theory Test" packed with top tips and hints to get you the pass you deserve!
Available to download here:

everything you need to know for the theory test

Mikes Driving Lessons, Royton, Oldham - Everything you need to know for the Theory Test...

Find out more about starting Driving Lessons with Mike in the Oldham and Rochdale areas of...


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11th May 2016

Top Tip Tuesday, and the heart breaking story we've all heard through the news or TV recently;…
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Graduated driving licences: 'The crash was down to inexperience'

"I lost my sister and girlfriend in the same crash"

Aidan Huddleston says that they may not have died if graduated driving licences...


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12rd Oct 2018

Medical conditions on today's Theory Thursday.
Answers on a postcard please :')
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18th Oct 2018

Do you know about our "Recommend a Friend" scheme?
If you're a current or former pupil and you recommend Mike's Driving Lessons to a friend, when they make their first block booking you receive £20. Easy!
Some T&C's do apply so message us on here or simply ask during lessons!

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6th Jan 2016

Top Tips again, and eating at the wheel?
What does the Highway Code say on this?…/cereal-while-driv…
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eating whilst driving

Watch: Shocking moment driver captured tucking into bowl of cereal while at the wheel

A motorcyclist filmed the 'cereal offender' on a dashcam as he drove to work in Bury...


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16th Oct 2018

Another tricky documentation question on today's Theory Thursday.
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11th Oct 2018

Did you know you can buy gift vouchers for Driving Lessons?
A perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas!

Email to order, or for more info, call us on 07825 636 871

Stocks are Very limited and running out, so it's currently First-come First-served, but all Voucher Hours will be redeemable! Don't Miss Out!

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30th November 2016

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