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Theory Thursday and Warning lights
One that can relate to test too!
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19th July 2018

Top Tip Tuesday and Motorways! Have you got on them yet?…/motorway-driving-law-learne…/amp
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motorway driving new law for learner drivers

Huge new driving law will come into force on UK motorways in less that one week | EXPRESS.CO.UK


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17th July 2018

Theory Thursday and Traffic Lights
What boxes can we see at some of our local lights?
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12th July 2018

Top Tip Tuesday concerns Cyclists, should be an interesting debate!…/dangerous-cycling-law-crimi…
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dangerous cycling

"Death by dangerous cycling" law expected to be recommended by review | INDEPENDENT.CO.UK


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10th July 2018

Theory Thursday and Motorcycles
What are the potential hazards?
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5th July 2018

How would a driving licence change your life?
Check out Harry's Story of gaining his Independence here:

View Harry's Story

Harry's Story - Mikes Driving Lessons

This is a quick cartoon showing Harry's story of learning to drive and getting his independence. Want to get on the road too? Simply contact us on any of ...


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31st Oct 2015

Look at that smile!

Well done to Natalie for Smashing those nerves and getting that pass certificate this morning.
Enjoy the open road!

Want your full licence just like Natalie? Find out how to get started by clicking

or call us on 07825636871

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4th July 2018

Top Tip Tuesday concerns Vaping and the Law:…/vaping-driving-prosecution-…
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vaping whilst driving

If you vape and drive you could lose your licence | INDEPENDENT.CO.UK

You could face a fine of up to £2,500 or even lose your licence


Tag: Top Tip Tuesday

3rd July 2018

Theory Thursday and Incidents
Another highway code one!
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Tag: Theory Thursday

28th June 2018

Struggling with the Theory test?
Perhaps you are unsure when exactly to click on the Hazard Perception phase?
Get all your questions answered in our FREE e-book "Everything you need to know for the Theory Test" packed with top tips and hints to get you the pass you deserve!
Available to download here:

everything you need to know for the theory test

Mikes Driving Lessons, Royton, Oldham - Everything you need to know for the Theory Test...

Find out more about starting Driving Lessons with Mike in the Oldham and Rochdale areas of...


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11th May 2016

Top Tip Tuesday and 1.8 Million driving tests!…/dvsa-oversaw-1.8-million-driving-t…/
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l-plate on blue car

DVSA oversaw 1.8 million driving tests in 2017 | RAC DRIVE

Across the UK, DVSA examiners oversaw 1.8 million tests, in addition to 80,000 vocational tests for public service and large goods vehicles, plus 125,000 practical motorcycle tests.


Tag: Top Tip Tuesday

19th June 2018

Theory Thursday and Parking
What does the highway code say?
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Tag: Theory Thursday

14th June 2018

Did you know you can buy gift vouchers for Driving Lessons?
A perfect gift for a birthday or Christmas!

Email to order, or for more info, call us on 07825 636 871

Stocks are Very limited and running out, so it's currently First-come First-served, but all Voucher Hours will be redeemable! Don't Miss Out!

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30th November 2016

More Top Tip Tuesday, and again how not to do it!…/motorcyclist-weaving-dublin-tr…/
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motorcyclist weaves through dublin traffic

Video: Motorcyclist weaving through Dublin traffic makes disastrous mistake


Tag: Top Tip Tuesday

12th June 2018

Top Tip Tuesday, and how not to do it!…/drunk-driver-high-speed-pol…

drunk driver caught on camera

Drunk driver caught on camera moments before piling into police cars at 127 mph


Tag: Top Tip Tuesday

5th June 2018

Do you know about our "Recommend a Friend" scheme?
If you're a current or former pupil and you recommend Mike's Driving Lessons to a friend, when they make their first block booking you receive £20. Easy!
Some T&C's do apply so message us on here or simply ask during lessons!

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6th Jan 2016

A "producer" on today's theory Thursday. Another one to look in the Highway Code for the answer for

Tag: Theory Thursday

31st May 2018

MOT is changing, here's what you need to know

mot test changes in 2018

MOT test changes in 2018, what are they and how could they affect you?

Tougher emmissions checks for diesel cars and new pass and fail categories to be introduced


Tag: Top Tip Tuesday

29th May 2018

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