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Learning to Drive - How to get started

Getting started with Mike's Driving Lessons

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Starting the journey to becoming a driver and passing your test can be daunting, but with Mike, you'll have support and guidance every step of the way.

The first step would be obtaining a Provisional Driving Licence. You can apply either by post, or on the DirectGov Website. It's important that you keep both the photocard and paper counterpart safe, as they'll be needed later on in the learning process.

After starting your lessons, and after reading of the Highway Code and "Know your traffic signs" which can be downloaded online, you can book your Theory Test.

The Theory test must be passed before your Practical test, and you have to pass your practical test within 2 years of passing your theory test. The Theory test contains both a Multiple Choice test, with a pass mark of 44/50, and a Hazard Perception test, with a pass mark of 43/75. Mike can help you with studying for these tests, with anything from books to mock test DVDs, as well as answering any questions you may have. With large amounts of the theory covered during Practical driver training, you'll pass in next to no time! You should only book your theory test on the Official DVSA website.

The Practical test assesses your ability to control a vehicle safely on the road, with consideration for other road users and knowledge of the highway code. The amount of time a pupil can take to get to test standard can vary, but the DVSA state an average of 45 hours with a Trainer and 20 hours of private practice. However long or short the process takes you, Mike will be able to tailor the instruction to your needs. This, as well as keeping track of your progress with Driver Progress records, means you'll always be learning something new on each lesson, and be able to track your progress as you're learning! More can be found about the Practical test in the links below

What next after I pass the test?

There are a number of options after the test if you want to take extra training with Mike, and once again all the instruction is tailored to your needs, to improve your confidence and ability out on the roads:

motoway driving

Motorway Driving
Mike conducts Motorway training, which is very important for a newly qualified driver, having never driven on a motorway before! The training usually comprises of a 2 hour lesson which covers all aspects of high-speed motorway driving, from slip roads to overtaking and everything else between. more >>

pass plus

Pass Plus
The Pass Plus scheme is fantastic for newly qualified drivers, giving them both a chance to further improve confidence and skills, as well as get a nice discount on insurance! The Six main areas covered within the Pass Plus Course are: Town Driving, All-weather Driving, Rural roads, Driving at night, Dual Carrageways, and Motorway use. The cost of the course is usually less than the discount some insurers give, and is well worth the extra knowledge learnt throughout the lessons. Contact Mike for more information about the Pass Plus course.

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