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A top tip we can all use today, saving money on fuel once you've passed your driving test!
More miles, more smiles!

Check it out here

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miDrive | How to Save Money on Fuel While it is immensely freeing, driving can also get rather expensive. In this video we take you through a number of ways you can keep your ...


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30th June 2015

Theory on emergency vehicles today.
How many "Blue light" vehicles have you seen whilst out on lessons?

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25th June 2015

Fun top tip tuesday about driving in the UK, some of these facts might surprise you!

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Driven to distraction: 15 fascinating facts about driving in the UK

Ever get bored behind the wheel? Here's a few facts and figures to ponder as your go...


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23rd June 2015

Trickier theory teaser today. What would you do and why?

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18th June 2015

Everyone can get nervous when a big day arrives. Perhaps it's that school exam or important job interview, and the driving test is no exception. Our top tip today is how to overcome those nerves and drive to the best of your ability!

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Beating the nerves before your test

If you're learning to drive, the thought of taking your test is always looming and nerves can get the better of you. Read our tips and learn to control them.


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16th June 2015

Today's theory concerns heavy traffic and safety, something no doubt we could experience during lessons. How can we make ourselves safer?

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11th June 2015

A lovely top tip tuesday today, Britain's most beautiful stretches of road. Where will you drive when you pass?

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Britain's Best Drives | Visit Britain Guide

Explore the best drives in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wale: the UK's most scenic drives compilation by VisitBritain


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9th June 2015

Easy theory thursday today!

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4th June 2015

Our "Recommend a Friend" offer has changed from what it previously was, meaning if you're a current or former pupil and you recommend Mike's Driving Lessons to a friend, when they make their first block booking you receive 20. Easy!
Some T&C's do apply so message us on here or simply ask during lessons!

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3rd June 2015

Today's top tip tuesday regards hydration behind the wheel, and why it's an important factor in being fit to drive. Check it out below:

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Want to be a safe driver? Then drink (water) before you drive

A study shows that people who are dehydrated make as many errors behind the wheel as drink drivers. Yet a more disturbing figure emerges from the research.


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2nd June 2015

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