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Learning to Drive - Testimonials

Testimonials from pupils at Mikes Driving Lessons

click for picture of Ollie after he passed his test "I couldn't recommend Mike enough. I enjoyed every minute of lessons and there was always support whenever I needed it. I wouldn't have had any other instructor, the whole experience was great and I'd do it again if I could. 100% worth it."


click for picture of Callum after he passed his test "Pass Plus was an outstanding experience. A full day of laughs and vital experience to help in everyday driving, even in horrific weather the day is
worth every penny. Even if the fish and chips has to be substituted for a McDonalds!"


click for Ryan's testimonial on Mikes Driving Lessons "I started my driving lessons with Mike in 2015 and by the end of the first lesson I felt extremely comfortable with the cockpit drill and moving off, which at the start of the lesson I thought would take at least two maybe even three lessons as I had no experience with driving what so ever.

Over the next few weeks I was taught how to drive on not only side streets and easy to navigate roads but was helped to move up at my own pace to dual carriageways and moderate junctions on the carriageway. Along each step of the way I would be asked if I felt comfortable with moving along to new things each lesson, however if at any point I had any problems or even something I wanted to go over it wouldn't be a problem as Mike wanted to teach me how to be a safe and confident driver..."

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click for picture of Rebecca after he passed his test "When I first started to learn how to drive I wasn't very confident and would easily get quite flustered but after just a couple of lessons with Mike I felt much more at ease and was amazed at how much progress I was making. In the weeks leading up to my test, we would do mock tests so that I knew what to expect and so that I felt more prepared for the real one. After passing my test Mike told me about the Pass Plus which was a great opportunity for me to use the motorway for the first time. I gained so much confidence from this and I'm so glad I did it. I will definitely be recommending Mike to others in the future!"


click for picture of Tania after he passed his test "I joined Mike's driving school after having a previous driving instructor who would find fault in my driving ability on numerous occasions. This knocked my confidence and belief in being able to pass my test. Recommended by a friend, joining Mike was my last attempt at learning to drive. I found Mike very professional and his support when on the road was exceptional. He gave me consistent praise during my driving lessons and was an outstanding driving instructor during my time with him. I would highly recommend him."


click for picture of Ning after he passed his test "Absolutely brilliant! I have been with Mike for about six months and have just got my licence. His lessons are fantastic and I really love it.

Mike has put a fundamental emphasis on safe driving rather than just passing the test, which really convinces me driving is a serious skill. Although it grants freedom, it has very little tolerance for carelessness and neglect..."

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click for picture of Lyndon after he passed his test "At first I thought it was a pretty scary thought learning to drive, I wasn't a generally confident person and didn't really trust myself behind the wheel because I didn't know what to expect.

But from the first lesson onwards Mike helped me get comfortable and more confident in myself when I was sat in the drivers seat!..."

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click for picture of Joel after he passed his test "If you are looking for a driving instructor I would definitely recommend Mike Fowler. It is amazing to see the progression from my first lesson where I was a complete beginner to now where I am a safe and confident driver. I have only one person to thank for that: Mike. He is a friendly, light-hearted man who pushes you to step out of your comfort zone whilst being respectful if you don't feel quite ready to take that extra step. Mike's lessons were a highlight of my Fridays and I am going to miss them. Through Mikes Driving Lessons not only have I become a confident driver, I have made a new friend. Thanks Mike."


click for picture of Andy after he passed his test "Learning to drive with Mike has been a great learning experience for me. Mike's cool and calm teaching methods made it a very relaxing and fun time on the roads. When I had a problem I discussed it with Mike and it was ironed out very quickly and it soon turned from a problem into a positive. I now feel I am a highly capable and most importantly a very safe driver on the roads. Mike is also very helpful outside of lesson times too, he sent me links to a great free theory app and because of this I was able to pass my theory test the first time and also saved a few quid! I can't praise Mike enough for being a very professional, attentive and affable instructor."


click for picture of Leanne after he passed his test "Mike provided a safe and secure environment in which my driving flourished. He instilled me with confidence and instructed me in a professional and relaxed manner. He was an incredibly reliable, punctual and friendly instructor. He uses a pupil centered approach in which you are in control of your learning and the pace. Mike’s schedule is flexible and he makes himself readily available if you have any questions at any time..."

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"Mike has got a calm, laid back approach to teaching with an unbelievably amount off patience and never gives up on you! I recommend him to anybody I know wanting to learn. He's friendly, approachable, passionate and enthusiastic."

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"Passed first time with mike! Such a good driving instructor! Kept calm in every lesson! Couldn't recommend a better one!"

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five star review on facebook

"Mike you absolute legend! Couldn't of asked for a better instructor! Thanks for everything Mike!"

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five star review on facebook

"Great teacher, very friendly and easy to be around. Passed first time and I doubt that would be the case if I had another teacher! Great and filling you with confidence and he has a great music taste, which makes you look past the fact he's ginger. 10/10 recommend."

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click to view google review of Mike Fowler ADI five star review on facebook

"Thanks so much Mike. I was looking to find the right person for my 17 year old daughter to take up lessons with and I was highly recommended by a friend to go with Mike. Once she got going she never looked back. And within no time she was readyfor her test and passed 1st time. Very reasonably priced and a very nice guy who I felt could trust to take care of my daughter as soon as I met him.

Thanks again
David (Travis)"
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emily five star review on facebook

"Passed first time with this dude - would recommend to anyone. He has a very chill and calm persona that makes you feel very calm and safe on the roads, especially with a nervous driver. I am usually very shy and awkward, especially around people I don’t know very well, and managed to get a good convo out of me on the first lesson. He is definitely worth his weight in gold."

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ellen five star review on facebook

"Mike has a very calm and professional approach to teaching and as somebody who isn't the most confident of drivers, I always felt at ease. The lessons are well planned, interesting and always a lot of fun and Mike has a very friendly and encouraging attitude. I would highly recommend Mike to anybody wishing to pass their driving test but particularly people who are a bit nervous about learning. Thanks Mike and hopefully I'll see you on the road!"

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natalie five star review on facebook

"Well what can I say... what a top bloke. He’s so down to earth. Non-stop laughter through out my lessons which puts you at ease. I was so anxious for my test, mike was mint he got me through it.... PASSED whoop whoop. Wouldn’t recommend anyone but him. Thanks mike"

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harrison star review on facebook

"Such a relaxed guy but always ready to intervene should something out of your control happen or you panic. Really easy to get along with which makes the experience of leaning so much better, systematically tackling a different of driving each lessons before combining them to test you as you learn. Any problems you can drop him a line and he’ll get back to you as soon as he’s free which is always good. Proper prepared me for my test."

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harrison star review on facebook

"Would highly recommend, very calm and made me feel at ease!"

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