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A "producer" on today's theory Thursday. Another one to look in the Highway Code for the answer for

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31st May 2018

MOT is changing, here's what you need to know

mot test changes in 2018

MOT test changes in 2018, what are they and how could they affect you?

Tougher emmissions checks for diesel cars and new pass and fail categories to be introduced


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29th May 2018

Hazard lights... aka "park anywhere" lights!

More Theory Thursday

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24th May 2018

Have you ever been "blinded by the light?"…/new-car-headlights-present-unwante…/

car headlights present unwanted safety risk

New car headlights present "unwanted safety risk" to drivers | RAC Drive

Around 15% of drivers admitted they've been involved in a "near miss" after being dazzled by oncoming traffic, or when checking their rear-view mirors.


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22nd May 2018

Theory Thursday and first aid today.

More Theory Thursday

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17th May 2018

Who's volunteering to go first?
Top tip Tuesday!…/learner-drivers-to-be-allowed-on-m…/

learner drivers on motorways

Learner drivers to be allowed on motorways by JUne | RAC Drive

The Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency has confirmed provisional licence holderss will be permitted to practice on the country's busiest and fastest roads from Monday June 4 - providing they are accompanied by a qualified instructor in a vehicle with dual controls.


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15th May 2018

Vulnerable road users on today's theory Thursday. Highway code for this one!

More Theory Thursday

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10th May 2018

How your car tax is changing:…/ved-car-tax-changes-in-2017-what…/

car tax changes in 2018

Car tax changes in 2018 | What do I need to know

The UK's car tax band (VED) bandings were given a massive shake-up in 2017 and they are changing again in 2018. Here you can check the current car tax rates for all new cars, including the cost of their first year (or showroom...


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8th May 2018

Police and Theory Thursday!

More Theory Thursday

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3rd May 2018


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2nd May 2018

Potholes, and how they affect You…/potholes-how-much-they-cost-uk-…

potholes how much they cost in the uk and how they are fixed

Potholes: how much they cost in the UK and how are they fixed | Autocar

With 2.2 million potholes being repaired across 12 months at a total cost of nearly £120 million, potholes are a big issue on our roads


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1st May 2018



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