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28th April 2018

Why is it important to remove a roof rack when it's not in use?

More Theory Thursday

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26th April 2018

How to save money motoring: Top tip Tuesday!…/know…/30-money-saving-motoring-tips/

how to save money motoring

30 money-saving motoring tips | RAC Drive

Fuel is easily the most expensive part of motoring - so why not at least earn a little while expending on this necessity


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24th April 2018

Theory Thursday and cyclists. What does the Highway Code say we should do?

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19th April 2018

Top tip Tuesday and Sat Nav driving on test…/

dvsa sat nav guidance: 2 months since L test changes

DVSA sat nav guidance: 2 months since L-Test changes - Driving Instructors Association


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17th April 2018

More Theory Thursday, and I'm sure there's a road sign for this one....

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12th April 2018

How has the first self-driving fatality changed the game?…/uber-settles-with-family-of-w…

uber self drive fatality

Uber settles with family of woman killed by self-driving car

Elaine Herzberg, 49, died after being hit by an Uber self-driving car in...


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10th April 2018

Massive congratulations to Ellen who put in an Amazing motorway drive this morning to Sunny Blackpool for her pass plus course!

Stay safe, watch out for sheep and enjoy your car when it arrives
Be sure to beep when you see me!

Want to know more about Pass Plus? Check out

ellen from royton complted her pass-plus course with mike's driving lessons

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9th April 2018

Neck injuries and theory Thursday!

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5th April 2018

Top tip Tuesday and Autonomous Braking, everything you need to know…/autonomous-emergency-braking-what-…/

Autonomous Emergency Braking: what you need to know | RAC DRIVE

Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) is one of the biggest safety breakthroughs yet - giving vehicles the capacity to slow themselves down when faced with a potential accident.


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3rd April 2018



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