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Weather conditions and Theory Thursday. Appropriate!
How would you remain safe?

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25th Feb 2016

Top Tip Tuesday concerns Level crossings. What does the highway code say about them?

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Level crossing video: Police video shows 'dangerous driving' - BBC News

CCTV released by Bristish Transport Police shows a lorry overtaking a van on a level crossing in Lincolnshire.


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23rd Feb 2016

Windscreen pillars and vision.....Tricky!

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19th Feb 2016

Learners on the motorway! It could be true.
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Motorway lessons for learner drivers could be on the cards

Learners are currently forbidden to drive on motorways, in a long -overdue move that could help significantly improve road safety, all that could be about to ...


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16th Feb 2016

Congratulations to Rebecca, who put the final touches to her Driver training by completing the Pass Plus course today.
A cracking drive despite the windswept and interesting weather and road conditions!
Enjoy your new found freedom and I'll see you on the roads!!

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13th Feb 2016

Find the latest info on the DVSA "Spam" Penalty notice E-mails here:…/UKDVSA/bulletins/1360762

Scam email warning for DVSA customers

We're aware that some members of the public have received emails claiming to be from the DVSA Fixed penalty Office which contains an attachment to a Fixed Penalty receipt.


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12th Feb 2016

Seatbelts on today's Theory Thursday, what would you do?

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11th Feb 2016

More Top Tips today concerning incidents on the Driving Test. Surprising! Well worth a read.…/hundreds-accidents-driving-tests-…

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Who causes most driving test accidents - learners or other motorists?

Learners taking their tests were involved in 405 bumps over 12 months but 241 were caused by other motorists


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9th Feb 2016

Bus lanes and Theory Thursday, an oldie but a goodie!

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4th Feb 2016

Top Tip Tuesday concerns bad habits. How many of these have you seen someone do behind the wheel?…/racq-says-teenage-drive…/...

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RACQ says teenage drivers are picking up bad habits from mum and dad... | Practical Motoring

RACQ says more mums are teaching kids to drive and that many parents are ignorant of basic road rules and are thus passing on bad habits to teemage...


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2nd Feb 2016


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