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Today's congratulations go to Andy, who wrapped up his learning today with the biggest road trip around the North West!
Keeping safe in the summer sun and the bank holiday traffic was easy.
Well done mate.
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30th Aug 2016

More speed bumps in today's Theory Thursday.
How do they make an area safer?

View more here:

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25th Aug 2016

Another one!
Today's congratulations go to Leanne, who bagged her first time pass this morning at Rochdale test center with only 2 minor faults!
Not bad at all :)
Enjoy your little red car and I'll see you soon!

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leanne passes driving testwith mikes driving lessons

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23rd August 2016

Another Top Tip brought to you by, Motorcycle Safety, and what as a driver you need to know.

Courtesy of Hussey Fraser - Personal Injury Solicitors

View all our Top tips here:

motorcycle safety guide

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23rd August 2016

He's done it!
Well done to Andy for bringing home a First Time pass at Rochdale test center earlier today.
Andy kept his cool in rather toasty weather and got the result he worked hard for.
Congratulations mate :) Stay safe and I'll see you soon for our road trip!

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andy passes with mikes driving lessons

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18th August 2016

Theory Thursday and Speed Limits.
Answers on a postcard!

View more here:

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18th Aug 2016

Theory Thursday again!
How many effects of drinking alcohol can you think of that would affect your driving?

View more here:

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11th Aug 2016

geogia passes test with mikes driving lessons

Congratulations of the week are in order!
A Massive well done to Georgia, who successfully gave the examiner and myself whiplash during the fastest emergency stop ever, and of course for passing the Practical test. So close to that clean sheet! Stay safe and I'll see you soon for Pass Plus.

Well done also to Tom who passed his Theory Test earlier this week. Keep up the hard work and it'll be you with that pass sheet in next to no time!

Due to recent successes I have Very limited availability for new students. Places are first-come, first-served so don't delay, get in touch and get on the road now!
Email us at:
Text or Phone: 07825636871

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5th Aug 2016

Theory Thursday!
What are the hazards of driving too close to the vehicle in front?

View more here:

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4th Aug 2016

Buying a second hand car can be confusing to say the least, so check out today's Top Tip of what you need to know.

Courtesy of…

View all our Top tips here:

buying a car information

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2nd August 2016






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