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More Top Tips, Animals on the road today! How many of these do you know and abide by whilst out on lessons?

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Rules about animals (47 to 58) - GOV.UK

The Highway Code: rules about animals (47 to 58)


Tag: Top-tip Tuesday

29th Sept 2015

Another day, another pass!
A Massive well done to Thiaren who passed his test and got his Full licence today at Failsworth test centre.
The examiner said he showed a "Very high standard of driving"

It's been a pleasure teaching you mate, thanks for the card and pressie!

Want to gain your independence just like Thiaren? Take the first steps to driving freedom by contacting me here:


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28th Sept 2015

Tricky Theory Thursday today, Road markings being the subject.
As usual answers in the comments or inbox!

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Tag: Theory Thursday

24th Sept 2015

Another Top Tip Tuesday, speed limits being today's topic.
Useful info for the Theory test and for a lifetime of safe driving!

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Speed limits - A Guide To Driving At The Correct Speed

Speed limits - A Guide To Driving At The Correct Speed


Tag: Top-tip Tuesday

22nd Sept 2015

Use of a mobile phone whilst driving?
It's Theory Thursday again!
What actions should we take?

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Tag: Theory Thursday

17th Sept 2015

Another one bites the dust!
A big well done to Raja who passed his test Very early this morning at Failsworth test centre.
A cracking drive and a fantastic result, well worth waking up early for!

Want your full licence just like Raja?

Find out how to get started here:

Tag: School News

15th Sept 2015

Top Tip Tuesday again, and today we're looking at the real cost of driving. Is it too expensive? Or is it a worthwile investment that will keep you and your family safe on the roads?

Full read here:

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Learning to drive: The costs of getting behind the wheel - BBC News

Drivers, on average need 47 hours of tuition before they are ready to take a test, with lesson prices typically 20 an hour.


Tag: Top-tip Tuesday

15th Sept 2015

Post #2 stars David, who passed his test First time at the Old Fire Station in Rochdale.
A cracking drive which he took with relative ease securing his Full License and the freedom to drive anywhere!
Now you can finally get that Corsa instead of us always driving past the dealership!
See you on Pass Plus!

(P.S. The second picture shows David and another test candidate, who both pulled into the car park at the same time, both with passes! A good weekend all around!)


Tag: School News

12th Sept 2015

First of two posts today, #1 starring Joel and his Parallel Parking skills!
Joel quickly picked up the basics, and with a little tweaking to make the manoeuvre work for him, was making consistent reverse parks just like the one pictured.
I bet you can do them better than most full license holders
Well done mate

Tag: School News

12th Sept 2015

Following distances in today's Theory Thursday. An easy one which should always be used!

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Tag: Theory Thursday

10th Sept 2015

Eco-Driving is the subject of today's Top Tip, remember more miles means more smiles so look after that fuel!

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Learners Guide Articles - Eco-safe driving

The Learners Guide will help throughout all stages of learning to drive including: Getting started, help on all topics you will cover on driving lessons.


Tag: Top-tip Tuesday

8th Sept 2015

Theory Thursday and One-Way roads today!
No hints either!

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Tag: Theory Thursday

3rd Sept 2015

Struggling with the Theory test?
Perhaps you are unsure when exactly to click on the Hazard Perception phase?
Get all your questions answered in our FREE e-book "Everything you need to know for the Theory Test" packed with top tips and hints to get you the pass you deserve!
Have a read here:

Available to download here:

Mikes Driving Lessons, Royton, Oldham - Everything you need to know for the Theory Test...

Find out more about starting Driving Lessons with Mike in the Oldham and Rochdale areas of Greater Manchester ...



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2nd Sept 2015

Our Top Tip Tuesday concerns what car to get when you've passed your test. Everyone looks forward to the independence of driving, but which of these 10 cars take your fancy?

Check out the link here:

View all of our Top tips here:

Best cars for learner drivers

What are the best cars for learner drivers or someone who's just passed his or her test? We share the best cars for the job.


Tag: Top-tip Tuesday

1st Sept 2015

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