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Last Theory teaser before our refreshed look next week, but in the meantime, what does a flashing green beacon mean?

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Tag: Theory Thursday

29th Oct 2015

Struggling with the Theory test?
Perhaps you are unsure when exactly to click on the Hazard Perception phase?
Get all your questions answered in our FREE e-book "Everything you need to know for the Theory Test" packed with top tips and hints to get you the pass you deserve!
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Mikes Driving Lessons, Royton, Oldham - Everything you need to know for the Theory Test...

Find out more about starting Driving Lessons with Mike in the Oldham and Rochdale areas of Greater Manchester ...



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2nd Sept 2015

Just helped a lovely lady top up her oil on the way to my next lesson - good deed for the day done.
As I'm heading back to my car she tells me she works for Vimto and gave me a bag for life, a pen and notepad, and some lollipops!

Tag: General

27th Oct 2015

We've all seen inconsiderate drivers at some point, either as a pedestrian, passenger, or whilst driving ourselves. But how exactly should we deal with them?

Top Tip Tuesday read below:

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The Learner Driver's Guide To Dealing With Inconsiderate Drivers - Driving Test Tips

Inconsiderate drivers are everybody's nightmare, but for learner drivers potentially...


Tag: Top-tip Tuesday

27th Oct 2015

Following gaps in wet conditions?
Think: What happens to our stopping distances in the wet?

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Tag: Theory Thursday

22nd Oct 2015

Top tips on the top 10 reasons people are unsuccessful on the driving test. Would you fall into any of these categories?

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Learners Guide Articles - Top 10 reasons why people fail their driving test

The Learners Guide will help throughout all stages of learning to drive including: getting started, help on all topics you will cover on driving lessons.


Tag: Top-tip Tuesday

20th Oct 2015

Theory Thursday,
Would we ever beckon or wave pedestrians?
What would the potential dangers be?

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Tag: Theory Thursday

15th Oct 2015

A nice read for todays Top Tip, do you remember your first time on a dual carridgeway?

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Dual Carriageways and National Speed Limit Roads - Diary of a Learner - Driving Test Tips

This lesson was supposed to be focused on dual carriageways. However I only encountered a couple but drove along busy main roads for the whole lesson...


Tag: Top-tip Tuesday

13th Oct 2015

Theory Thursday and Bus Lanes!
How does this differ to your local area?

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Tag: Theory Thursday

8th Oct 2015

An interesting article for today's top tip, how Manoeuvres play an important part in both preparing for the driving test as well as preparing yourself to drive independently once you've passed.

Well worth a read

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Learning to drive: the manoeuvres

With the theory test in the bag, Ed Cummings gears up to take his driving test by honing the dreaded 'manoevres'


Tag: Top-tip Tuesday

6th Oct 2015

Would our use of a mobile phone differ if we are on a motorway?
Relate this to the Theory Thursday earlier this month!

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Tag: Theory Thursday

1st Oct 2015

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