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Provisional Licence holders - how well do you know your laws?

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Tag: Theory Thursday

28th July 2016

Well done to Callum who absolutely smashed his practical test this morning at Failsworth test centre. A fantastic drive in cracking weather!
The examiner really struggled to mark you down.
Enjoy your car hunt and I'll see you on Pass Plus soon!

Want your independence just like Callum? Get in contact here: or phone/text 07825636871.

Tag: School News

22nd July 2016

Overtaking large vehicles; How would you keep yourself safe?
It's today's theory teaser

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Tag: Theory Thursday

21st July 2016

Sorry buddy, but you've gotta have a provisional licence to start lessons!

Tag: General News

16th July 2016

Motorway use in today's Theory Thursday.
What's the safest option?

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Tag: Theory Thursday

14th July 2016

Theory Thursday and Speed Humps. What would you do?

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Tag: Theory Thursday

7th July 2016

A top review from Lyndon:

"At first I thought it was a pretty scary thought learning to drive, I wasn't a generally confident person and didn't really trust myself behind the wheel because I didn't know what to expect.

But from the first lesson onwards Mike helped me get comfortable and more confident in myself when I was sat in the drivers seat!

I think I really benefitted from Mike's casual approach towards teaching me how to drive, I found it a lot easier to learn things from driving in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

If you're looking to start your lessons, I'd highly recommend giving Mike a call!"

Remember I'll be keeping my eye out for you on Failsworth's roads! :)
Stay safe mate

Tag: School News | General News

2nd July 2016




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