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Learning to Drive - A testimonial from Ryan

Ryan from Heywood passed his driving test with Mike's Driving Lessons at failsworth Driving Test Centre

Image Credit: Mikes Driving Lessons

"I started my driving lessons with Mike in 2015 and by the end of the first lesson I felt extremely comfortable with the cockpit drill and moving off, which at the start of the lesson I thought would take at least two maybe even three lessons as I had no experience with driving what so ever.

Over the next few weeks I was taught how to drive on not only side streets and easy to navigate roads but was helped to move up at my own pace to dual carriageways and moderate junctions on the carriageway. Along each step of the way I would be asked if I felt comfortable with moving along to new things each lesson, however if at any point I had any problems or even something I wanted to go over it wouldn't be a problem as Mike wanted to teach me how to be a safe and confident driver.

As the theory test approached during lessons we would go over a lot of the questions that would pop up during the test and apply them to the drive ahead. This meant I passed my theory test and knew how to apply them practically during a drive.

As the practical test approached I would often over think the actual test but Mike would explain what the test would entail and structure mock style tests to get me familiar with them. This way of doing things was exactly what I needed and helped to reduce the nerves of being tested a lot.

After passing the practical test the support didn't stop there and I was told about the pass plus scheme he offered which meant I'd go from someone who could drive a car to someone who could drive a car with confidence on nearly all road surfaces and types, I would highly recommend this scheme as driving on the motorway for the first time is a little intimidating, but with Mike in the car it was simplified to just a normal drive at a faster speed.

I would recommend Mike to anyone who wants to drive safely and confidently as this is exactly how you will be taught from day one, the lessons are structured around making you drive with ease not making you pass a test."