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Learning to Drive - A testimonial from Ning

Ning from Oldham passed his driving test with Mike's Driving Lessons at Failsworth Driving Test Centre

Image Credit: Mikes Driving Lessons




"Absolutely brilliant!

I have been with Mike for about six months and have just got my licence. His lessons are fantastic and I really love it.

Mike has put a fundamental emphasis on safe driving rather than just passing the test, which really convinces me driving is a serious skill. Although it grants freedom, it has very little tolerance for carelessness and neglect.

As an instructor, he challenges students and pushes them out of their comfort zone, aiming to offer them as many experiences as possible. I still remember the lesson when it snowed. Mike urged me to go out and embrace the amazing driving experiences. Furthermore, he genuinely welcomes mistakes and pays all his attention to analysing the causes and how to avoid them, rather than telling people off. “Don't ever worry about making mistakes in this car”, he always says. This was reassuring and helped me progress very quickly.

Personally, Mike is very active and friendly. He is easy to talk to and our lessons are always full of laughs. I love it. Moreover, he is flexible with his time. He always tries his best to satisfy students’ requirements."