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Driving Lessons in Rochdale - Mikes Driving Lessons

Driving Lessons in Rochdale - Mike's Driving Lessons

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Rochdale has plenty of hazards to keep even the most skilled drivers on their toes! Whether it's the faster flowing traffic along Manchester road or Sir Isaac Newton way, or the narrow side streets of Deeplish and Castleton, you'll learn hazard perception and anticipation skills to keep you safe well beyond your driving test.

There's plenty of opportunity to practise parking and manoeuvring in the Sandbrook Retail Park, and once you feel confident this leads you right towards the A627(M) and the M62 - perfect for a day out!

If you live in Rochdale and are considering starting driving lessons. Choose Mikes Driving Lessons!

Mike is based in the local Rochdale area and is familiar with the local roads to enable you to gain the experience you need to be prepared to pass your driving test.

Starting the journey to becoming a driver and passing your test can be daunting, but with Mike, you'll have support and guidance every step of the way.

Find out more about your instructor and the car you will be gaining your independence in using the links above, or revise the "Show me, Tell me" questions you will be asked during your final test; and don't forget, if you have any questions, or can't wait to book your first lessons, you can use the Contact page to directly contact Mike at any time.

Leave the cold bus stop behind, stop relying on lifts from mum or dad, and get your driving independence now!

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Take your first step today on the journey to becoming a confident, safe and proficient driver by contacting Mike to arrange driving lessons.



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